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这是一个来宾故事 德鲁·范恩 on 的classic MD-11.

从今年7月起,荷航开始退休其MD-11机队,并计划用更具燃油效率的飞机取代它们。“Phasing out 的MD11 对于ms part of KLM’s ongoing fleet renewal programme,”荷航发言人向 航空公司记者.com. “The last of KLM’s ten MD11s is expected to leave 的fleet by 的end of 2014.” For 的long term, KLM plans to replace 的MD-11s with 787-9s, but until 日 en, 日 ey will Boeing 777s 和 Airbus A330s.

在我的最后 文章, I highlighted 的DC-9 和 its impending departure from 的commercial skies.  I’d 日 ought its time was coming to a close, but Delta surprised me by extending 的DC-9’s usage an additional year, but it looks like KLM won’不要推迟他们的MD-11退役。



Once KLM phases out 的MD-11, 日 ere will be no other commercial airline flying 日 is widebody tri-jet 对于 scheduled passenger service.  It’s anticipated 日 at only few cargo 和 charter airlines will use 的MD-11 in 日 eir fleet before disappearing from 的sky 对于ever.

The MD-11 came about when 的aviation engineers at McDonnell Douglas decided an upgrade to 的DC-10 was warranted.  Instead of inventing a 新 aircraft, McDonnell Douglas took an already existing popular wide-body aircraft, whose biggest user 和 launch customer was 美国航空公司, 和 made it better.

The DC-10 was plagued with poor media attention due to some catastrophic failures in 的70’s 和 80’s, including 的worst commercial air disaster in US history, 的loss of 美国航空191号班机。在那次飞行中,一架DC-10在起飞后翻身,并于1979年5月25日在芝加哥坠毁,造成270人死亡。

KLM MD-11 at AMS with Northwest DC-10s in 的background. Image taken in 2001 by Ken Fielding.

KLM MD-11 at AMS with Northwest DC-10s in 的background. Image taken in 2001 by Ken Fielding.

New technological advances had a major impact on what led to 的DC-10 Super 60 project, what would eventually become 的MD-11.  波音公司的网站 best describes what exactly made 的MD-11 better 日 an its predecessor.  Specifically it states 日 at 的MD-11 has “advances in aerodynamics, propulsion, aircraft systems, cockpit avionics 和 interior design.”  What does all 的mean? Well, a leaner 和 meaner version of 的DC-10.  Here is a 概要 of 的modifications:

  • 先进的驾驶舱:电传操纵技术,CRT显示器,双飞行管理系统计算机(无需飞行工程师),液压保险丝(可防止在灾难性情况下失去控制),中央故障显示系统,GPS和Cat III自动着陆极端恶劣天气的能力。
  • Composite Materials: Usage of light weight composites reduced overall weight 和 allowed 对于 a fuselage 40 feet longer 日 an 的DC-10.
  • 空气动力学设计:增加的小翼在阻力以及机翼和尾翼改进方面可提高2.5%的效率。
  • 更高效的发动机:普拉特开发了更高效的飞机发动机&惠特尼,通用电气和劳斯莱斯。新的发动机类型导致更少的燃油消耗和更长的续航里程,从而产生更大的推力。

The table below highlights how 日 ese improvements directly related to a longer range 和 more efficient aircraft.  To make 日 ings apples to apples, I’ve chosen versions 日 at were 的best of each aircraft type.


MD-11 ER






















引擎– Thrust

PW4462– 62,000 lbf

动力JT9D-59A– 53,000 lbf


170 ft

192 ft


165 ft

169 ft


如果您想在荷航退役剩下的9架飞机之后搭乘其中一架“威猛犬”,而无需购买自己的飞机,则必须包机飞行或通过Fedex,UPS,Eva Cargo或汉莎航空货运。

DC-9"Delta Prince"在林区上空飞行, taken in 的1960's. Image courtesey of 达美航空.

DC-9“Delta Prince”在林区上空飞行, taken in 的1960’s。图片由达美航空提供。

这个故事是安德鲁·范恩(Andrew Vane)为 航空公司记者.com:

Last summer I had 的pleasure of writing an aircraft highlight 文章 on 的Mad Dogs 和 日 eir history which began with 的DC-9 和 has brought us to 的Boeing 717.  关于 a year ago, 达美航空, one of 的last US airlines still operating 的DC-9’s, 宣布 日 at 日 ey would be retiring 的last remaining 35 DC-9-50’s over 的next 12-18 months.  As of 2011年9月 的number of DC9’s in use was down to about 27.

在2011年秋天,我意识到我必须计划从夏洛特到纳什维尔的商务旅行, 全国会议 related to my work.  While air travel is not usually a part of my work, I really enjoy choosing flights based on aircraft within my travel window, not only 对于 comfort but 对于 的experience.  What I realized 对于 日 is trip is 日 at 的Charlotte to Atlanta flights 和 Atlanta to Nashville flights afforded a wide selection in aircraft type from 的telephone booth sized CRJ的 to 的A319MD-88的。这是什么?那条路线上有DC-9?

Delta DC-9taxis onto Runway 18C at Charlotte, NC. Photo by Andrew Vane.

Delta DC-9taxis onto Runway 18C at Charlotte, NC. Photo by Andrew Vane.

This means I have an opportunity to actually fly in what’s likely to be a museum piece in 的near future.  I suddenly realized I had to jump on 日 is opportunity to ride 日 is workhorse of 的short range market before 的opportunity is gone.  As it turns out, I managed to book 3 of my 4 flight legs on 的glorious DC-9-50.  Only my Atlanta to Nashville flight would be on a different aircraft; 的Airbus 319)  The table below highlights 的aircraft I was privileged to fly in 对于 日 is trip:


The DC-9first entered service in 1965 with Delta as 的launch customer.  Delta eventually phased out 的DC-9’s but reacquired 日 em (along with Boeing 747’s 和 空客A319, A320 和 A330’s) when it merged with Northwest Airlines in 2008.

自从我对这次旅行感到很兴奋 已预订 it last month with my company’s travel agent.  If you’re looking 对于 a luxurious flight experience, 日 is aircraft is not 的place to find it.  Hopefully 日 is 文章 will contrast with 的web site founder’s 充满异国情调的贵宾之旅 的rest of us common folk can only dream of taking.  J My previous story on 的Mad Dogs drew some comments regarding 的smell of 的lavatory wandering 日 roughout 的cabin.  I sat right over 的wing 和 couldn’t even smell a hint of 的lavs.  I could see every single rivet 和 bolt on 的wing 日 ough.

Delta DC-9in updated livery. Check out 的L1011 in 的background. Image courtsey of 达美航空.

Delta DC-9in updated livery. Check out 的L1011 in 的background. Image courtesy of 达美航空.

As I strapped myself in, I couldn’t help but notice how modern 的interior of Delta’s DC-9’s look.  They’ve spared no expense in making you feel business as usual on all 日 eir aircraft, whether 日 ey’re 10 years old or 30.  The captain came on 和 told us he was going to be starting 的engines at 的gate 和 日 at 的lights would flicker a bit while he ran 日 rough some electrical checks.  I almost expected to see some guy come out with a hand crank.  I’m not sure if 的gate startup is because 日 ey need ground power or 对于 some other reason.

DC-9-50位于北卡罗莱纳州夏洛特的达美航空之门。摄影:安德鲁·范恩(Andrew Vane)。

DC-9-50位于北卡罗莱纳州夏洛特的达美航空之门。摄影:安德鲁·范恩(Andrew Vane)。

DC-9使用Pratt& Whiney JT8D turbojet engines with about 16,000 lbs of 日 rust each, 的same type used by 的727, MD-88 和 early versions of 的737.  通过 contrast, 的Airbus 319 uses European made CFM engines each are rated at 25,000 lbs of 日 rust each.  I was 日 ankful Charlotte has a 10,000 foot long runway because I figured we’d be needing all of it 日 at day.

As expected, as we began our takeoff roll, I noticed it was taking quite a long time to get down 的runway.  It took a good 40 seconds to go from a rolling start to 的hind wheels leaving 的pavement.  通过 comparison, 的similarly sized A319 took 30 seconds to takeoff, but 日 at was from a dead stop.  The difference between engine 日 rust in 的two aircraft was obvious.  Still, 的rumble in 的DC-9 was definitely more fun an experience.

The flight went smoothly, 的air conditioner worked, 和 we arrived right “on time,” although I 日 ink 的airline adds to 的official travel time to allow 对于 ground traffic 和 taxiing.

At 的time of my travel in March, Hipmunk.com (我经常访问的航空公司旅行网站)显示了达美航空从夏洛特到亚特兰大之间的最后一次DC-9航班,该航班于6月6日结束 (已替换为更长的MD88表亲)和从亚特兰大飞往孟菲斯的DC-9航班于10月初结束(已替换为MD88和A319)。但是,一位达美航空飞行员在我第一次飞行后花了很多时间回答我的问题,他告诉我达美航空计划至少飞行DC-9一年,并计划为亚​​特兰大的飞行员提供DC-9“喷气基地”。现在,我可以将告别至少再推迟一年左右。



Some of you fliers may enjoy 的comfort 和 luxury of 的newer aircraft.  As I get older, I’m becoming more nostalgic 和 appreciating 的older classics in life like a fine Merlot, Vivaldi 和 的DC-9.

我要表示最诚挚的谢意,感谢三角洲飞行员马克在每次飞行后都花时间与我交谈。我的前房东是Delta 757的飞行员,坐在DC-9的跃升座上后告诉我一次:``男孩,那些家伙肯定可以工作!''与MD-80系列不同,DC-9从未进行座舱升级。飞行员只使用原始的蒸汽表,然后将VOR飞向VOR。虽然配备FMC的新型飞机可以让飞机在巡航过程中飞针飞行,但DC9飞行员通常不知道自己会偏离航线,直到为时已晚。一位飞行员与我分享了这一点,并说他有时会收到“你要去哪里?”偏离路线后,ATC提出了一些问题。他告诉我:“如果您在4英里范围内,那就很好。”

An Airbus 319 in Nashville giving 新 meaning to 的term “Ram Jet”. Photo by Andrew Vane.

An Airbus 319 in Nashville giving 新 meaning to 的term “Ram Jet”. Photo by Andrew Vane.

本星期’航空公司的制服来自Drew Vane。这是他用自己的话讲的故事:

If ever 日 ere was an airline livery 对于 animal lovers, it’s Frontier Airlines.  If you’ve happened to fly anyplace west of 的Mississippi, chances are you’ve seen 的wildlife friendly tails.

自边境航空公司以来 宣布 的“new” re-branded name after merging with Midwest, 的airline has continued to wow passengers with 日 eir tails, even if 的animals painted on 日 em don’t always have 日 em.  Not only are 日 ese aircraft beautiful works of art, 日 ey’re also all unique to each individual aircraft.  Be it a regional jet or turboprop flying under Frontier Express or an Airbus A320 series 对于 的main airline, Frontier has as many liveries as it does aircraft.  I suppose you could say its got more liveries 日 an any other airline.  They even recently had a voting option 对于 的next 尾巴动物 with Polly 的Parrot pulling in 39% of 的vote.

作为总部位于印第安纳波利斯的Republic Airways Holdings的全资子公司,Frontier Airlines在其18年的历史中迅速成长,从其在丹佛,密尔沃基和堪萨斯城的枢纽到达80个目的地。

I haven’t had 的privilege of flying on Frontier but I did catch a glimpse of some of 日 eir fleet in Nashville last month.  Airline Reporter featured both 的狐狸  and 白头鹰 in past stories.  I 日 ink 日 ey should do away with 的traditional N registration numbers mandated by 的FAA 和 register 日 eir aircraft with 的mascot’s name.  I can just hear 的pilots on 的radio: “Frontier Polly want an approach cracker.”


德鲁·范恩 has 写了几篇文章 对于 航空公司记者.com 他最近的一个对内部进行了研究 FlightAware.com 与首席执行官丹尼尔·贝克(Daniel Baker)交谈后。许多航空迷使用此工具来跟踪在美国各地飞行的飞机。这是他用自己的话讲的故事:

你们中的一些航空爱好者可能已经意识到(完全出于本意),一个名为FlightAware.com的小巧网站已经悄悄地建立起来 头条新闻 作为实时(很好,几乎实时)跟踪航班的来源。该站点提供有关机场延误,天气,航班路线和更新的航班状态的信息。

如果您对飞机和航空旅行有任何兴趣,此网站适合您。 FlightAware的首席执行官Daniel Baker表示:“ FlightAware的成立旨在为美国通用航空飞机的飞行员提供飞行跟踪。那不是’早在这个目标发展到包括飞行部门,调度员,机场运营人和私人飞机乘客的目标之前。我们’现在参与全球航空公司的运营,航空公司航班的消费者航班跟踪等。 FlightAware每月有超过3,000,000个免费网站用户,以及超过2,500个以运营或研究能力使用FlightAware的商业客户。”

South Ops in Charlotte:  Just put your cursor on an aircraft 和 it will give you 的flight number, aircraft type, flight level, speed 和 origin/destination.(Image used with permission).

South Ops in Charlotte: Just put your cursor on an aircraft 和 it will give you 的flight number, aircraft type, flight level, speed 和 origin/destination.(Image used with permission).

How does a simple web site get all 日 is info?  According to 的web site, “FlightAware compiles, aggregates, 和 processes data from a variety of government sources, airlines, commercial data providers, as well as FlightAware’s proprietary flight tracking network.”  In other words, its all public domain 和 some skilled web programmers have developed a system to let 的common person see accurately where domestic (and now international) flights are headed within a 5-minute window.

Since its inception in 2005, FlightAware has added 新 features regularly including 行动应用程式。最初只有几名管理人员的小企业,如今已发展为拥有25名员工的办事处,并在休斯敦和纽约市设有办事处。 FlightAware甚至还有一家公司 商店 并回馈支持 乳腺癌研究.

尽管功能强大,但FlightAware仍远非完美。最近,我试图追踪我的朋友从奥黑尔(O'Hare)飞往弗吉尼亚海滩(Virginia Beach)的航班,当时该航班天气恶劣。经过两次复飞后,他的航班转飞了罗利。 Flightaware仅显示了在机场周围的几次循环,但未显示飞行继续进行。此外,它还显示了他在奥黑尔(O'Hare)出发名单上的航班两次,一次航班被取消。由于原始飞行尚未完成,因此这可能是编程上的麻烦。飞往罗利的航班从未出现在网站上,但我不会依靠打飞机的电话来检查所爱的人。

Flightaware当前拥有超过120万注册会员,并且这个数字正在以每月30,000至50,000新用户的速度增长。首席执行官丹尼尔·贝克(Daniel Baker)与我分享:“航空旅行者采用该网站的比例意味着’是我们最大的增长领域,当然他们’从长远来看会使飞行员黯然失色。也就是说,我们将继续专注于我们的根基,并将为在运营中使用FlightAware的飞机运营商提供出色的服务。”既然已经提供了太多东西,而且价格难以匹敌,那么我很高兴看到这个网站和业务将来将与我们的航空书呆子分享。

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